The J'adore Kouture Mink Lash Collection has 8 different style lashes available, there's a lash for everyone! From "The Everyday Working Woman", "The Classic Beauty", "To The Fashonista" who loves a good voluminous lash! Mink lashes in comparison to faux lashes last 20x longer, with the band on the Mink lash being extra durable for more wear and the lash being made of Mink hair, these lashes can be worn 10-25 times! these lashes can be ordered online and shipped to you, or picked up instore same day!

J'adore Kouture Lashes

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$8.00Sale Price
  • These lashes can be used with latex-free eyelash glue for eyes sensitive to latex, latex glue can be used as well. When taking lashes off, carefully pull from the middle of the lash grabbing the band of the lash not the lash itsself to avoid any chance of ripping the lash, then carefully pull excess glue off with a tweezer. If you have used mascara, you can use a q-tip with a little makeup remover, and gently remove mascara.

  • No returns or Excahnges.